day 80 - very superstitious $

Is this technically considered inside? If so, this maniacal laugh has unleashed bad luck on the McDougall family (::knock on wood::).

Today we were off to Grandma & Grandpa's house for dinner. The kids are always excited to go to their house because there are lots of toys to play with. Girl toys...boys toys...

dog toys...

It was a cold and miserable weekend, but we finally got a chance to play outside for a bit as the sun came out at the end of the day.

This is Ethan...


What I think is
I like the new look and I like the favicon,nice touch!
I personally break mirror on a regular basis. WOW! am i in trouble NOT!
So, don't think an umbrella in the car is much bad luck,
unless it involves one of the kids going to the doctor.
Keep up the great work Jennifer
Andrea said…
HAHA It can't be bad luck just look at Ava's face!

Besides every time I set up studio lights I open an umbrella inside and I'm good..... okay maybe that's NOT a great example of good things.....hehehe
Absolutly wonderful pics...great colors and the laugh is so sweet!
Jennifer said…
Thanks everyone!

Thanks for noticing the favicon Jason. It's funny - it doesn't work in Internet Explorer but it works great with Firefox.

Drea - good point on the lights. I don't use my umbrella very often but it has been known to happy and we've survived so far. ::knock on wood::

Thanks for the comments! They are greatly appreciated. :)
Emily said…
I like the one with your little boy in the blue jacket! Beautiful colors.
Jennifer said…
Thanks Emily!