day 82 - afternoon shift $

Yesterday I forgot my purse at work. Luckily I didn't need gas and thankfully I didn't get pulled over on the way home. As a result, I headed out for work this morning sans license and a new set of car rules: I could slightly exceed the speed limit, but under no circumstances could I listen to ACDC or Kid Rock and I sure as hell couldn't listen to this. Listening to those artists makes me drive fast.

Anyway, here's my purse (which I remembered when I left work today) on the way home from work. It's sitting on top of my current project. A big project. My 2009 project 365 book is almost ready for print. :) It's a beast, but it is almost done. Two to three weeks from now I will have a beautiful 104 page hardcover book sitting on my coffee table. Wait a minute - I don't have a coffee table. Well technically I do, but it's in the basement where the kids can't climb on it. Correction -- two to three weeks from now I will have a beautiful 104 page hardcover book sitting up really high on the bookcase in our living room where the kids can't touch it.

The pickup from the babysitter went well. The kids love it there and I am loving coming home to a house that although not perfect, looks the same as the house I left 10 hours earlier. One by one I took the kids into the house, pulled their outerwear off and set them loose. Then I went out to the car to bring in all of the "stuff". I was only gone for a minute and although I don't remember my exact words to the boys, I distinctly remember telling them to stay out of the dog bowl.

Note to self: bring the "stuff" in first next time.

Anyway, tonight was a little worse than last night. The boys fought a lot and there were a boatload of "owchies" to kiss better. We listened to I Gotta Feeling at least four times while I prepared dinner (which was nothing wild and wonderful again as my children are anything but patient). The boys screamed every time it ended and every time it started again, Ava ran around the room with her hands over her ears screaming "I hate this song!". You and me both, sister.

So, unsurprisingly, I can sum up afternoon shift so far in one word:

At least I didn't drop that f-bomb in front of a whole nation. ;) And wait a minute...I actually had time to write a four letter expletive in mustard. I HAD TIME TO WRITE A FOUR LETTER EXPLETIVE IN MUSTARD!!!!! Maybe there is a very small light at the end of the tunnel after all. ;)


Jenn said…
Who are you doing the photobook with? I'm looking for the best option. Bora Bora is almost done (Oct 09) but I haven't even started Europe (May 09). Working backward is ok, right? :)
Delane said…
Love your blog! You're pictures are gorgeous!
Jennifer said…
Hey Jenn - I'm printing my book with a company called Blurb ( Are you laying out your own or using a template? And hey - working backward is totally acceptable!

Thanks Delane! I really appreciate it!