day 83 - mommy can you get me four babies? $

This morning our nanny came by to visit with her beautiful new baby daughter. We were all so happy to see her as we have missed her very much. Ava was thrilled to see the baby, Ethan was intrigued and Owen was not interested. I was happy because I got to hold her for 20 minutes and although incredibly enjoyable, at no point did my ovaries ache or whatever it is they are supposed to do. ;)

A conversation overheard during our visit:

Ava: "Vicki? Know how many babies I want to have?
Vicki: "How many?"
Ava: "Four babies. Two girls and two boys. Mommy, can you please get me four babies?"

Don't look at me, kid.

It was a day of problem solving around our house. Two weeks ago on my birthday I came down from reorganizing the boys' room and found Jason fast asleep on the couch and the boys gone. Turns out they had figured out how to unlock the sliding door. I found them outside on the deck shoveling snow.

Over the past two weeks we have carried them back inside a million times and several times the dog has escaped and I have chased her to the end of the street, so it has become a big problem. So after thinking long and hard about it, I realized that the solution was right in front of my face the entire time:

It may seem small, but it was a giant victory. For once I am smarter than my children.

Later in the evening I took Ava to register for soccer. She was so excited although a little disappointed because it turns out "register" doesn't mean "play". We met up with one of her friends who is going to be in her class and on her soccer team and we went to Timmy's afterward.

I wasn't really sure how this soccer thing would work out because she's never shown a competitive side (that's more of the boys' thing), but when Lily's mom suggested we see who could get to Tim Horton's faster, the race was on. She was running as fast as she could through the parking lot and screaming at me to "drive faster! I don't want to get beated!!!!" Anyway, we lost and she was not happy about it and told me "Mommy, we need a bigger motor for this van. Something big that makes loud noises out the back."

It was in that moment that I realized that she has a lot more of her dad in her than I thought. ;)


Auntie M said…
Oh my goodness, Jen - lots of excitement! Love Ava's comments. She never ceases to amaze me with the things she says. Just imagine once the boys start telling stories, too!
Jennifer said…
Yep, she's pretty interesting. I can't wait to hear the stories the boys will tell.