day 84 - playing outside $

After lunch today, the boys each put on their boots and one of Jason's hats. Apparently we were going outside. It ended up being short lived as it was really, really cold outside.

(Owen left, Ethan right)

We were outside long enough to see that there is one tulip coming up in the front garden. Ava and Grandma planted bulbs in the fall and it is fun to see where they come up as I have no idea where they planted them. :)

Scarlett was banished to the kitchen while the kids ate dinner as they feed her non-stop and she has been getting pretty bad for jumping up and eating stuff right out of their hands. It was successful until the kids saw me take this picture:

At which point they figured out what I was doing and just threw their food on the floor for her to eat later.

::Sigh:: Another battle lost.