day 85 - shadow puppets $

This morning while I was getting the kids ready to go, I noticed Ava was missing from the breakfast table. I found her making shadows on the wall.

It was a beautiful day outside (after an absolutely beautiful red sunset the night before) today and you know what that equals - lots of crazies on the road.

Number of impatient jerks who flipped me the bird: 1
Number of impatient jerks I flipped right back: 1
(no my children were not in the car at the time)

Number of silver foxes in Camaros I saw stop traffic trying to pick up teenage girls: 1
Number of silver foxes in Camaros who got totally rejected: 1
(it was awesome)

Other than that the day was uneventful. Did you see the moon fully visible and out in the middle of the day?

It was pretty cool.


Kirigalpoththa said…
You have a lovely blog here!
Jennifer said…
Thank you so much!
So wonderful with the shadow...