day 86 - earth hour $

Lots of stuff going on today even though we never left the house. Jason was in a curling bonspiel so it was just me and the kids.

The kids and I watched "Up" this morning. Have you seen it? It's excellent. Here's Ava and I snuggled up on the couch watching.

While we were watching, there was a full blown battle royal happening on the floor beside us:

I don't know what to do about the non-stop fighting because it is really getting out of control. Owen has been beating the hell out of Ethan so the second Ethan gets the upper hand like in the picture below, I look the other way. Ethan's got scratches all over his face and neck and Owen doesn't have a mark on him. If anybody has any suggestions on how to end this madness, I would love to hear them because I am fed up.

Later in the afternoon, Nana came by to visit and had a dance party with the kids.

We didn't listen to Olivia Newton John

but we had a great time all the same. ;)

The other big thing that happened today was Earth Hour. I put the boys to bed and it was just Ava and I. I lit some candles

and we had some fun with a flashlight

and some sparklers (if you can see past the dog's fat head). Unfortunately the sparklers had to be lit inside because of the wind. Number of holes burned into the mat by the back door as a result? One. :(

This isn't the greatest picture but I really like it. Ava was playing with the flashlight on the couch and pretending to sleep.

It was fun and we had a great time. My original plan for Earth Hour was to sit in the dark and run my laptop off the battery. I'm glad I went with something more entertaining.


LadyFi said…
Wow - superb Earth Hour photos.. just stunning.
Mari said…
Up was a really good movie. Love your Earth Hour shots!
Anonymous said…
Super shots and so original.
I loved the dance party.
It was a good workout.
I loved hearing the kids squeals and their
beautiful smiles.
They make me feel young again.
Love Mom
Jennifer said…
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the comments!

Thanks for the visit and for the sparklers Mom! The kids were happy. Music + Nana = happy kids and I was happy to have a half an hour where they weren't trying to kill each other. :)
Flohbock said…
Absolutely great pictures you have brought with us again .... Just great moments captured perfectly!
Absoluly fantastic in every way...
Kari said…
I enjoyed the movie UP too, with my kids.
Earth hour looks like fun and I really do like your photo's.
As for Ethan and Owen - sorry got no suggestions but the photo's of them made me laugh.
I chanced upon your blog today and I was amazed by your Earth Hour photos. These shots were really fantastic. I am a hobbyist as well but I am just a beginner. Any tips on how those shots were taken will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Kathy said…
I thought "UP" was the sweetest movie! I've never been a fan of animated flicks and seldom do I see a movie twice, but this one is so great!
Delane said…
Wonderful photos! I have 3 boys and I have to say - they like to fight and wrestle. I just look the other way. If someone gets hurt in one of these, I just raise my eyebrows and ask, "What do you want me to do about it?" They have stopped tattling at least...
Jennifer said…
Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your kind comments.

Christopher - I just posted some tips and tricks on painting with light which is the technique I used for my earth hour pictures. I hope it's helpful!

Delane - that's the principle I am operating on. As long as it's a fair fight, let them go at it. They have to get tired at some point, right? ;)