day 87 - the allowance days are here $

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ava has been collecting (stealing...) change from around the house. A quarter here, a dime there...if you leave it lying around, it's gone. I keep hearing her playing with change in her room and keep telling her to put it back. Yesterday she sat down with me and told me with a very serious face that she needs her own money to "buy stuff". So we had a chat and have come to the agreement that if she helps around the house she can have a small allowance.

Here's one of her first jobs - picking out clothes for her and her brothers:

There are a lot of colours going on here but that's fine with me because I didn't have to pick them out. It was at that point I decided to I wanted to get a picture of the three kids together in their outfits. I told Owen to turn around as his back was to me.

He turned alright. And he didn't stop.

Five seconds later any hopes I had for a group shot were over as Owen's spinning turned into a full blown ballet session for all three of them:

Oh well. Maybe having two nice pictures of all three of my kids together in one month is too much to ask.

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One Response to “day 87 - the allowance days are here $”

Anonymous said...

Jarret likes the clothes Ava picked out for her brothers :) Sara