day 89 - off to print $

My problem has always been that I have too many ideas swirling around in my head. Pair that with a short attention span and not very many of my projects are taken through to completion. Today I proved that I can indeed take a massive personal creative project from start to finish - my Project 365 book for 2009 was submitted for printing to Blurb. Hooray!!

It was no small feat either. I couldn't even begin to guess how many hours this book took to put together so let's just say it was a ridiculous amount of time. But to be able to flip through the preview below and see exactly what it will look like when it arrives in the mail a week and a half from now - it is all worth it.

So here it is in all its glory - my 108 page big ass coffee table book:

Edited to add: If you click on 'full screen' on the widget you can see it up close. :)

My favourite page of the entire book? The last one (yes I am going to make you click through each and every page so you can check it out). I can't look at that picture of Ava without laughing my head off. It is hands down my favourite picture taken during 2009.

Big thanks to Checco for putting my book together, getting it ready for print and uploading it. I truly appreciate it and suspect there is a "don't send a PC in to do a Mac's job" lesson in here somewhere. :)


Darla said…
that book looks amazing! i wish you could come over and show me how!!!! i am either mentally challenged (ADD) or i am just not very digitally experienced. probably both!!! ...GREAT pictures!
Mari said…
I'm so impressed! I want to work on a book too, but don't know how to begin. That book will be a keepsake!
Anonymous said…
O I love it WELL DONE!!! I wish I could look at it up close better lol...
Jennifer said…
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your comments. :)

Mara - if you click on full screen you can see it in better detail. Hope you are well!
Anonymous said…
What a great accomplishment at such a perfect time in your lives. You will cherish this always...Even if you never complete another project this one is awesome and done with such dedication and devotion.

Karen A
Anonymous said…
What a work of art.
You can tell that your heart and soul went into this project.
Well Done.
Jennifer said…
Thanks guys. I can't wait to show it to both of you. :)