day 101 - you look like a monkey $

Four years ago, at exactly 12:37 pm, I became a mom. :) Today was Ava's fourth birthday. She has been counting down sleeps for the past month and was bouncing off the ceiling this afternoon. The decorations were a bit mismatched with Hannah Montana balloons, a Disney Princess banner and Groucho Marx glasses, but perfect for anybody who knows my little Ava:

Ava saw the glasses at Walmart last week and decided that we needed to get a pair for each of her guests. She thought they were very cool. Here's a shot of Ava, myself and my bangs at optimal length. Next week they will be too long and impossible to work with. ;)

It was a great day and a lot of fun. Nana made the cake (thanks Mom!):

Ava had fun with her cousin (who had a sleepover with her last night at Grandma's house):

and the boys quite enjoyed the glasses (this is Ethan).

Ava's instructions to Nana earlier in the week were that "the birthday song" was pre-approved as long as we included the "you look like a monkey and you smell like one too" part. Here she is skipping the cake (and the plate) and focusing on just the icing:

And my last picture of this post, the unveiling of the scooter, all pimped out with streamers and a basket:

That was it for today. It was a long day and I am tired. Happy birthday Ava!!! It's hard to believe you are already four. Oh and P.S. I lied. One more picture. Here is my beautiful Ava at two weeks old. A long and lean little girl who could rock a pink tracksuit with a hoodie like nobody's business. :)


Andrea said…
LOVE the glasses! LOL I'm not sure who's face looked more excited about that scooter, Ava's or Natalia's! Must be the streamers......hehehe
Mari said…
Happy Birthday to Ava! I love the glasses and the party pictures. She was sweet at 2 weeks ans still is!
Jennifer said…
Thanks ladies! It was a lot of fun. :)