day 103 - totally not cool $

This afternoon I got the call that I had to pick up the kids from the babysitter because Jason had to work late. It was a beautiful day as I sped out of the parking lot on two wheels. It was a frustrating drive home with an accident, people on bikes and construction slowing me down the majority of the way. My opinion is that people who can't drive at least 95 km/hr shouldn't be on the highway between four and six pm and that people on bikes BELONG ON THE SIDEWALK.

Anyway, I have realized my iTunes playlists need some serious work. My plan to just dump everything on it and make the playlists later is just not working. Pulling up to a stoplight with the sunroof open, windows down and classic rock blasting from the car may look cool (remember - I am using the standards of a 30 year old) but you need a strong followup song. Somehow this just didn't cut it today.

If my life ever had a soundtrack for the part of my life spent racing from work to home to pick up the kids, I was thinking something a little less poppy and more along the lines of Welcome to the Jungle.

As I approached the town limits I could see large plumes of black smoke rising in the distance. I arrived at the babysitter's, relieved to see that it wasn't coming from her house so my children weren't responsible for it.

In other news, Ava got out on her scooter for the first time. Last night's ride was canceled after she tormented everybody she came in contact with in the course of the day - me, daddy, the boys, the babysitter, etc. She was like a pro in the first few pushes and she loved it. Let's see if she can behave long enough to make it two nights in a row...


bentonflocke said…
cool shot of the scooter! Thanks for visiting my blog!