day 104 - four and totally fabulous $

I was lazy today. I wanted to take some new pictures of Ava to celebrate her turning four but I didn't feel like dragging my studio light and softbox out. Instead, I ripped a 5 foot section of background paper from the roll and slapped it up on the wall in the living room opposite the large window with a few pieces of masking tape and voila - done.

Ava was right into it. We grabbed the feather boa from the Halloween costume box in the basement, she got to wear some of the new clothes she got for birthday party (thanks Erica and Auntie M) and I straightened her hair. We had to stop every two minutes to wipe her runny nose (she has a cold), but you wouldn't know it by looking at the pictures.

I apologize in advance as there were a lot of pictures that I liked from today.

We started to get into the sillies for a little bit,

and then she went all Angelina Jolie on me.

But my absolute, hands down favourite shot of today was this one. It tops any favourite I have ever had. This is my. favourite. picture. ever.

In other news, I started a new exercise class tonight. It seems like a good one. It was funny - a lady in the class came up to me as the class started and told me that the last time she took a class with this guy she crawled out when it was over. I didn't know whether to be scared or laugh as she called me ma'am, not realizing that she was my grade five home economics teacher many, many years ago. Anyway, a little while later I realized it's definitely not going to be easy. Right around the time I was on all fours and he said extend your right leg straight out behind you, your left arm straight out in front of you and do four push ups. EXCUSE ME? Anyway, I also came to the conclusion that what I initially thought was a beer belly on the instructor is more than likely beer related but of the 6 pack variety.

It was also a day with a milestone. Two little boys went to sleep together in a big boy bed in their room. They were so excited about it and couldn't wait to get upstairs and into their bed...until the door closed. Have you seen New Moon? Think the scene where the group of tourists are led in to see the Volturi where they are all excited going in and the second the door closes they all scream bloody murder LOL. ;) It was exactly like that but they only cried for a few minutes, we checked on them, put them back in the bed and when I peeked in a little while later they were fast asleep beside each other on the bed. :)


Auntie M said…
Love the pics from the photo shoot Jen! Bet you had. Blast together. What a cutie pie!
Mari said…
The shots of Ava are wonderful - such fun. I love her dimples!
Jennifer said…
Thanks, ladies! It was a lot of fun. :)
Tara said…
Jen, those shots are fabulous, she is so delightful and fresh :):) how super :) and congrats on the new big bed success :)
Jennifer said…
Thanks Tara! xo