day 105 - mommy was here $

Today was a pretty uneventful day. The boys slept in their bed all night last night. Naptime consisted of lots of jumping on the bed and trashing the room before they finally fell asleep. When I went in to get them after their nap, I found Owen inside of Ethan's crib. He had climbed in and fallen asleep.

After dinner we went outside to play with sidewalk chalk. I had no sooner written this on the ground and traced my flip flops

and Owen was glued to my leg. Apparently an "x marks the spot" wasn't needed as he knew exactly where I was and made a beeline for me.

He wanted to open and close the garage door repeatedly after somebody (not me) showed him how it worked.

Anyway, the boys were not into the sidewalk chalk and entertained themselves by fighting over the tricycle and the plastic riding car (Ethan left, Owen right).

Ava however, was right into it. One of her friends from down the street came over and played with her for a while and she was thrilled. Not to mention BOSSY. Poor Paige. :(

Today's sidewalk chalk fun was inspired by one of the funniest things I have seen on Lamebook:

Is it wrong that I find this hilarious?


Mari said…
Looks like a fun chalk day! And the Lamebook photo made me laugh too!
Andrea said…
LOVE the lamebook picture......something about squirrels. LOL How are you doing this new technique you have been using? Timer on camera? I will have to try that it looks interesting!
Jennifer said…
Thanks, ladies! Lamebook kills me on a regular basis. It's absolutely hilarious.

Hey Drea - I only used the timer technique on the wagon pictures. I had the camera around my neck this time. My poor boys keep walking into it and it's just their height. They've been walking around with little bruises on their foreheads from it. :(
Anonymous said…
Jenn. Your mom and I have just been through your blog to get to introduction of your book. OMG you are sooooo amazing. What a treasure to have such a life long keepsake. I am going to have to commit to watching your blog more often. Hope to see you soon.
Doris (your biggest fan)
Anonymous said…
WOW the road kill is so AWESOME I love the outline too Funny!!! I got you last comment I am not taking pics everyday but still following yours and Your book is great!! The kids are so big ;-) have a great weekend my dear ;-)
Jennifer said…
Thank you so much Doris! I MISS YOU!!!! I hope to see you soon. Thanks again! ((big hugs))

Thanks Mara! Hope to see some of your pictures soon. :) I hope you had a great weekend too!