day 107 - mmmmmmmm cookies $

If you had told me five years ago that I would own parchment paper let alone know how to use it, I would have called you a liar. I have come to really enjoy baking.

Today the weather was cold and miserable and there were snowflakes in the air after warm, t-shirt weather yesterday. It was perfect baking weather. Have I posted the link for the new cookies I've been making? They are chocolate chip cookies with vanilla pudding in them and they are fabulous. They're no cashew caramel cookies though. Nothing tops those ones.

The only problem with the recipe is it makes 8 dozen so it takes a long time, not to mention it equals a crazy amount of dishes.

In other news, the boys got new running shoes today. They also expanded their Hot Wheels collection while we were out compliments of Nana & Grandad. (Once again Mommy picked the classics for Ethan.)

The boys have taken a liking to hoodies. They were rocking them today and Owen ran around looking like Dopey with one little ear sticking out.

A popular game in our house is "sippy cup free throw". The boys will finish their milk and launch their sippy cup into the sink from a good 10 feet away. I've seen them sink it blind, throwing it over a full laundry basket and I've also seen them sink it from clear across the room. I'd like to think they get this skill from me since I bring the baseball and basketball genes from my younger years, but that might be a stretch. ;)

Anyway, I was making a salad for dinner and Owen wound up. As you can see from the second picture his aim was off a bit today. Or was it? He nailed me right in the chest with it.

It's a good thing he's cute.

Is anybody else watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? It's one of my favourite shows and I haven't missed an episode. The episode from two weeks ago really got me. He went into a classroom and the kids in first grade couldn't identify basic vegetables like tomatoes and potatoes. While Ava could easily identify those and more, we really should be eating more vegetables and more of a variety. So that's the plan moving forward.

While I'm talking about Food Revolution, you've got to check this out. I couldn't believe it when I saw it for the first time:


Kathy said…
And they would still eat it? Because is was a patty, fried and breaded, I suppose.
Erika said…
Owen looks adorable in that hoodie! So cute. =) And he's got a good throwing arm too!
Mari said…
The cookies look good and I love the hoodie! I also love Jamie Oliver. I couldn't believe they would still eat that goo and couldn't believe they didn't know basic veggies!
Jennifer said…
Thanks ladies!

I think you hit the nail on the head Kathy. It was all about the cute shapes and the fried breading. :( Just thinking about what was in those nuggets makes me sick. :(

Mari - I could understand them not knowing things like eggplant, but they can't identify a potato or a tomato? I couldn't believe it. Mind you, you wonder if they play it up a bit for tv. At least one of those kids should have been able to identify something!