day 108 - appetite for destruction $

Today was a pretty quiet and uneventful day. This was lunch. It wasn't a Monday, but my kids are a huge fan of "Muffin Tin Mondays". Mind you, I work on Mondays, so we usually have "Muffin Tin Wednesdays" or "Muffin Tin Weekends". We've also had them for dinner loaded with scrambled eggs, breakfast sausages and fruit salad. Here's today's muffin tin lunch - heart shaped pb & j sandwiches, bananas and grapes, fat free yogurt and a trail mix of sorts with animal crackers, banana chips and raisins.

After lunch, Ava and I went to the grocery store. She was in charge of dressing herself. It wasn't my place to judge her fashion choices, so I just went with it, backwards baby winter hat and all.

Puppy had to come with us. He required a seat belt, sunglasses and Ava told me he "needed air" so his window was down.

While the boys were sleeping, Ava and I did a new photo project from my new Photojojo book. We made photo snow globes.

They turned out pretty well and it was an easy craft to do with Ava. The only problem is it looks like we didn't seal the tape properly on the larger snow globe because water has already gotten inside the photo and the ink is starting to run. Oh well.

Again the boys played (fought) for a couple of hours before they went to sleep so I had to wake them up before dinner time. This was the sight I saw when I peeked in their room:

That's Ethan fast asleep with his bum in the air and Owen is snuggled up in the top left corner of the bed.

That was it for today. I've gotten the kids' cold so I am not really feeling like myself. As a result, I wasn't really on my game today.


ChrissyW said…
yay a muffin tin meal!! your pics always crack me up!
Linnea W said…
Your photos are so captivating!
Mari said…
I love the idea of the muffin tin meals and the heart tins are so cute.
Ava is pretty cute too - glad you captured her attire and puppy in the car!
Jennifer said…
Thanks everyone! It means so much to me.

Big thanks to you Chrissy! You were the one who got me started on the muffin tin meals in the first place. My kids LOVE them!

Thanks Mari - I got the heart shaped tins as a wedding present years ago and they are perfect for this!