day 109 - crank caller $

The phone is a major point of stress in this house. The kids scream when it rings because they want to talk on it. They climb on the counter so they can press buttons and hear the dial tone. And they like to pick it up, dial numbers from the speed dial and then run away with it. Twice in the past few days we have heard the phone dialing and little feet running away with it. First in the alphabetical directory and the recipient of both crank calls? My boss.

The boys are hating/enjoying their new bed. Hating it in the sense that they want me to lie down with them until they fall asleep and enjoying it in the sense that they can get in and out of it easily. We've been leaving the door open to help with their adjustment to it and last night I forgot to shut it before bed.

After three hits of the snooze bar this morning, I got out of bed and heard a little noise. I peeked into the computer room and found Ethan sitting at the desk. He had scaled the baby gate and gotten out of his room.

I sat down to check my email after my shower and hmmm...the mouse doesn't work. Then I bent down under the desk to plug in my blow dryer and saw something shoot across the floor. Thinking it was a mouse (of which we don't have any in our house), I screamed, jumped and smashed my head on the underside of the desk. Turns out it was the grey rubber ball from the mouse that Ethan had taken out earlier.

In other news, Ava thinks that our house isn't crazy enough. A conversation from yesterday:

Ava: "Mommy, can you get me another brother and another sister?"
Me: "NO."
Ava: "Then can I have a hamster?"

Judging from my reaction to the rubber mouse ball this morning, I don't think so.


Mari said…
I love reading about your kids! Ava's comment had me laughing out loud.
PS - We have the same phone as you...
Jennifer said…
Thanks Mari! There is never a dull moment in this house, that's for sure. I hope it's a good phone. We haven't had ours very long. I think I bought them in the fall. We have gone through many cordless phones and only usually get a couple of years out of them before we have to replace them. Here's hoping these ones last longer. :(