day 110 - not amused $

I wasn't in a very good mood yesterday and today was a write off the second I saw signs saying that my main route to work is going to be closed for construction for the next five months. It wouldn't be a problem if they didn't have the other main route also ripped up or if the third route wasn't totally out of the way and full of radar traps. Anyway, this is nothing new. I have worked in Guelph for ten years and every year the city starts construction on every route in and out of the city at the same time. If I had a nickel for every detour sign I have seen traveling to and from work over the years, I'd be rich.

Anyway, not amused.

It didn't help that Jason did our taxes yesterday. As usual, our hopes of a big return were shattered by the same thing that gets us every year - the "Wait a minute - you didn't tell us you were married. Bend over and check this box." section of the tax return. (Sorry Mom - I know you are gasping "Jennifer!" at your computer but it had to be said.) Anyway, not amused yet again.

At least we have our old tires back. Nice ones with hubcaps. Oh and the rust problem is being dealt with. :)

But our van has now been recalled. Sigh.


Mari said…
The tires look great. Glad the rust problem is being looked into, but bummer about the recall.
The US taxes you worse when you are married too - what's up with that?
I'm sick of construction too, and it's only just started!
Jennifer said…
Thanks Mari! No big deal on the recall. It's all covered thank goodness. :)

The tax thing still has me frustrated. I really don't get how being married makes that much of a difference!

The construction thing is going to get to me, I can feel it. :( Good luck with your commute. I hope it is unaffected!