day 113 - a trip to the park $

I took a couple of pictures today before I got home. I could show you the picture I took of the Burger King menu board when I zipped through the drive thru at lunch. Or the picture I took of my iPod on my desk, providing a little bit of extra light in my dark little office. I don't have any windows and it's been a dark couple of days since the bulb in my 90s floor lamp aka "the sun" threw its last rays of light. Now it's glaring fluorescent lights or dim desk lamp mood lighting. Today I went with the mood lighting but must find a second light sometime soon before I destroy my eyes.

Anyway, I will spare you the filler and get to after dinner. We went to the park.

Ava decided she wanted to ride her scooter. Until she slipped off of it. Somehow it was my fault from ten feet away. She had tantrums the entire way down the street. Note to self: if you ever become one of those "what I wouldn't give to go back to when my kids were young" people, remember this moment. Four so far? Not so fabulous.

The kids had fun at the park. The boys were in their element and Ethan was right into the pictures. He is the master of "Cheeeeeeeeeeeese".

Trying something a little different on this one below. Not sure if I like it or not. I think I have to sit on it for a bit.

Anyway, we got everybody all set to go and organized and the one thing we forgot ended up burning us. Six little words: "Mommy, I have to go pee". Crap.

Thank god my parents only live a couple of blocks from the playground.


Mari said…
Since my youngest is now 21, I can tell you that you too, will have days when you wish you could go back to when your kids were young. Not for all the time though - just a day!
Drea said…
Okay I'll bite....what did you do to the second picture? I have been playing with PW soft and faded action lately with the opacity of each layer turned way down. I like the result :)
Jennifer said…
Thanks, Mari. I have some days like that now where I want to go back to them being really small. Then I give my head a shake. LOL

Thanks Drea! I used a combination of my editing that I usually do, Boost and Seventies. Like you I knocked the opacity down because it was too out there. The sunflare was intentional and straight out of the camera. I am not a big fan of actions, but there was something about that shot that made me want to try something different. It's a couple of days later and I still like it, so maybe I'll experiment again sometime. :)