day 116 - spring flowers $

Today I was shocked and embarrassed to discover that for thirty-three years (oh my god am I that old?) I have been making cinnamon toast the wrong way. Apparently approach #3, which I have always found to be delicious and fast (and the way my mother taught me to make it.....) is wrong, wrong, wrong. Apparently the cinnamon toast police have spoken. ;)

This isn't half as upsetting as finding out 28 years in that pecan pie is actually one big ass butter tart. That one hurt and I still feel ripped off about all of that lost time.

On the bright side, when I got home from work I was excited to see that there is now some colour in our garden. The bulbs Ava planted with Grandma (thank you!) have started to bloom.


Drea said…
I discovered yesterday that I too make cinnamon toast the WRONG way. And as much as I love Ree Drummond and have made at least one of her recipes everyday this week, I will continue making my cinnamon toast with bread in the toaster. Why? Because who the hell has time to make it her way when you get a craving for some sugary bread? LOL
Mari said…
I also found that I was doing cinnamon bread wrong. I'll have to try it her way, although it will probably spoil doing it the easy way again!
Jennifer said…
I agree with you, ladies. I'll give it a try but will never have the time to do it that way all the time. Approach #3 seems to work well for me and has for 33 years, so I have grown pretty attached to it. You know - the whole old dog/new tricks thing. LOL