day 118 - what next $

Last week the boys kept playing with the spring on the wall behind the door of their room, so we removed it. Shortly afterward they got the inside safety knob off of the door. We have since replaced the springy thing and the boys keep pointing to the knob and saying "bang bang" repeatedly. They haven't been able to get it off since, so it appears they got it off by banging the knob against the wall.

So what do you do at naptime when you have jumped over one gate, slipped through two gates like a dog door, have a door with a safety knob you can no longer get off and have no furniture in your room other than the bed you sleep in? You take the heat register out of the floor and throw toys down the vents.

I think I got all of the toys out but I suspect unless I smell something burning I won't know for sure.

The other thing they did? Removed the safety plugs from the wall and hid the nightlight somewhere I can't find it. It's funny because the plug cover had the same reaction I did when I saw what they had done.

A few weeks ago I was out running errands and had somebody give me the whole wink and nod and the "time for another one" comment. Obviously not a blog reader.


Mari said…
What a day!
I'm so glad you have this journaled and photographed. It will make you laugh when you see it in your book next year, and even more when they have boys of their own, doing the same sort of thing!
Jennifer said…
Thanks Mari! I'm sure I will laugh at it someday but for now I feel like banging my head against the wall. ;)
Shannon said…
I'm starting to think that this must have been what my mom experienced with Jason as a toddler.

I love that you are documenting all of this. Not only is it fun to read but it will give you great stories to tell their wives just before they have kids.
Karen E. said…
Oh Jen, what will they think of next? Uncle Jack says that they are a lot like their Grandpa. Take things apart, see how they work and then try to put them back together again, but better! My two were no where near so creative. There must be more Rawlins genes in those two ;)