day 91 - fun outside $

Today was absolutely beautiful. I'm not sure what the temperature was during the warmest part of the day, but when the kids and I went for a walk this afternoon, it was 23 C. It was absolutely amazing.

It was a fun afternoon. We were outside for a couple of hours and had a great time. We walked to my parents' house to see Grandad and have a snack with him.

Ava rode her bike. What a show-off. ;)

Here's Owen waving bye to Grandad.

It took forever to walk home because he refused to let me pull the wagon. I pushed it but he had no concept of steering. Or so it seemed. The second I threatened to pull the wagon for him he was suddenly able to steer.

Anyway, we got home and everybody was happy. The kids played on the playset, and Scarlett had a fun lying on the deck with the wind in her face.

The kids quickly got bored of sliding down the slide the old fashioned way and started sliding down head first.

Ethan started it and then they all joined in. I give his form a solid 8

and his landing a 2.

Disclaimer: no children were hurt during the photographing of this play session. Ethan stood up with a mouth full of grass and thought it was hilarious. He immediately ran over to the ladder to go again.

That was it for today. It was beautiful and so nice to get outside with the kids again.


Mari said…
I love these shots - a day in their life. The slide shots are the best!