day 93 - the blame game $

Today was another good day, although nap time was non-existent. The boys kept jumping out of their cribs and pulling out toys (here's E).

We went to a family Easter at King's Buffet and it was delicious. As usual, the floor around the boys' high chairs was a mess. The second you asked them who made the mess, the finger-pointing began (Ethan left, Owen right).

It was hilarious. You'd ask them "who made this mess"? Ethan immediately said "Ohwie" and Owen immediately said "E". (It was very much a joint effort.)

The boys were given their own fortune cookies. Here's Ethan's fortune:

Now we were dining with beautiful and intelligent people, but they were all related to Ethan in some way or another. Poor Ethan - the search for love rolls on. ;)

Owen's fortune:

One step ahead of you buddy. :)


Mari said…
More cute pics! I love that first one!