day 97 - the coffee table book $

Today my Blurb book arrived. I was worried it would come to my house on a day I wasn't at home so I had it sent to the office where I knew somebody would be there to sign for it. Of course it came today on my day off, so Ava and I went to the office to pick it up. It. is. absolutely. amazing.

The quality of the book is impeccable from the laminated dust jacket to the quality of the paper to the black linen binding. It is worth each and every penny. It's been a long time since I scrapbooked on paper and I have yet to print any of my digital layouts so it was nice to see them full size.

The amazing thing? I only ordered it 8 days ago. A book I ordered from Chapters 7 days ago also arrived today. It took 7 days and it was already printed and sitting in a warehouse an hour and a half from my house waiting to be pulled off the shelf. Mine was printed from scratch and bound in Rochester, NY, traveled via FedEx, cleared customs and almost beat it here. Unbelievable.

My picture of the day is my beautiful little Ava holding my new book. It seemed fitting to have one of the main characters hold it:

More pictures to come of the new book tomorrow.

The other highlight of my day? I changed the language on my Facebook from UK English to Pirate English this afternoon and I haven't been able to stop laughing since.


Sujomi said…
How exciting! I've been working on my Blurb book for 2009 - almost there!
Mari said…
That book is going to be a treasure. You are inspiring me to get going on mine!
I did the Pirate language on Facebook a few months ago. It really does make you laugh!