day 98 - r.i.p. mark darcy $

I fear that afternoon naps are now a thing of the past. The boys didn't sleep at all yesterday afternoon and this afternoon only Owen slept - curled up on the floor of his room.

Shortly after I put the boys in their crib after lunch, I heard two little thuds hit the floor upstairs and the toys start to fly. I put them back in their beds and went back downstairs. Two seconds later I heard two thuds again. A little while later I went in to check on them and discovered they had somehow gotten into the closet (I say somehow because there is a crib blocking it). They were sitting in the middle of the floor, ripping one of my double sided movie posters to shreds. Sigh. R.I.P. Mark Darcy. :(

In the afternoon Grandad came over for a visit. He tried to teach Ava addition and she did quite well. He did a great job of teaching her.

Here they are playing "pirates". Dad had to guess what she was looking at. Or he wasn't supposed to guess. It was Ava's rules and it was confusing. Dad looked through my book and thankfully didn't spot any spelling mistakes (or if he did, he was too polite to tell me). If there is one person that will spot a spelling mistake in there, it's him. He's a hell of a proofreader. :)

Anyway, I promised I would post some more pictures and info on the book. Here are a couple of pictures of the inside:

It is 108 pages and I had it printed on the heavier, premium paper. It's a large square, 12x12 in size, hardbound with a dust jacket. I haven't had a chance to sit down and really concentrate on going through it, but am hoping to this weekend.

The only other news of the day is our new chore chart on the fridge. Ava and I sat down this morning and made a list of chores that she can do. When she does them, she gets to put a magnet on the board and the board has a spot to fill out what the rewards are for different amounts of chores completed.

At the end of day one, #6 still continues to be a bitch. It's a fight every single day and nothing is working. If anybody has suggestions, I'd love to hear them.


Mari said…
Your book looks so professional. I love the layout, and the way the journaling looks on the other page.
Andrea said…
Where did you get the Chore whiteboard Jen?
Jennifer said…
Thanks Mari! Those are my month dividers. The pages in between are scrapbook layouts.

Drea - I got the chore whiteboard from Walmart. They were in the office area in the aisle with the scrapbooks and photo albums. It's cute. It comes with a white board marker and holder, a sheet of magnets you punch out and magnets for the back so you can stick the whole thing on the fridge. It was $10.