how I completed my project 365 layouts in a month $

So maybe it was a month. Maybe it was a month and a half. I already don't remember. All I know is I jumped right into Project 365 for the second time while I was still overwhelmed by the thought of all of the weekly layouts I still had to complete for 2009. When I sat down and took a hard look, I really only had a third of the year scrapbooked.

It was at that point I had a brainwave. Sheri and I have both been doing Project 365 and doing weekly layouts. We use many of the same supplies and templates and we have a similar style. Maybe we could help each other out. I contacted Sheri and she was in agreement - let's team up to get our layouts done. We'd each disk our weekly layouts and give the other carte blanche to do whatever we wanted with them - totally rip them off, totally rework or modify wherever we felt like it.

We each collected our files (of course removing any supplies that the other did not have) and swapped disks. It saved a pile of time because the text boxes were all set up and the elements were already in place and we already had titling ideas if we chose to use them.

So here's how I managed to pull it off in the hopes that somebody will find this useful:

Layout #1 - photos swapped and text modified. That was about it.

Layout #2 - photos swapped, new text entered, numbering adjusted and new elements and papers put in place.

Layout #3 - basically totally redone, but I took cues from Sheri's layout for element placement. I loved the rows of flowers she used across her layout, so I went with something similar and did lines of hearts.

Layout #4 - I loved this layout Sheri did so I kept mine similar, swapping in some different supplies but it has a similar look and feel.

Then I took the same layout and modified it for another week later in the year.

From there on I tried to save time where I could by scraplifting myself. I made sure that layouts that I scraplifted had at least several layouts between them so the book would be more balanced. Here are some of my scraplifts.

I took the one page layout I did for week twenty six and turned it into a two week layout for weeks closer to the end of the year.

And I took one of my favourite two page layouts from the summer and turned it into a winter looking two page layout near the end of the year.

So just some tips for anybody trying to get their layouts done. Why re-invent the wheel if you don't have to? I hope you found this helpful!


Sheri said…
This was such a great idea! I am still slowly working on getting all my layouts done, but having yours to work off of is such a big help!