day 121 - the penny $

Last night before the boys fell asleep, I heard Jason yelling for me from the boys' room. I ran in just in time to see Owen get sick and a penny fall out of his mouth. He tried to swallow it.

Thankfully we didn't have to play the "wait and see" game, but I still had this in my head:

In other news, the Black Eyed Peas are back in the house thanks to American Idol. We finally rid the house of "I Gotta Feeling" and they go and perform on the "Idol Gives Back" special. Although I haven't heard this song many times, we listened to it non-stop today and it won't take long before I am tired of it.

Here's how it usually works.

Owen turns on the charm

and gets exactly what he wants...


In other news, we got outside for a little while after the rain

and the four year old of the house discovered why you don't jump on your bed.

Cute kids huh? You wouldn't know that every day their parents get one step closer to the loonie bin. ;)


Mari said…
That Owen is a charmer. Just wait till he starts using that on the girls!
Magdalena (m2m) said…
You have a great family :) Hugs to you :)