day 124 - hello organized sports $

Today we ventured into the world of organized sports. It was soccer uniform pickup night. Ava is on the green team and she picked number 3 for her jersey. There's some resistance at this point as "green is not a pretty colour" and "red is". She wanted to be on the red team, didn't want the shorts, really wanted number 2, had no interest in teammates also leaving with green shirts and didn't want to try anything on. Next Tuesday night should be interesting. I won't be able to keep the boys off the field and I won't be able to get her on it. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, here was last night's viewing material. The verdict? Very interesting although I could have done without seeing a "killing floor" and may never eat meat again. We had a "tweetup" at work today to discuss the movie. The verdict on that is that Twitter makes my head hurt. Still not getting it.

In other news, somebody marked the left side of our driveway today for burying the new digital cable in our neighbourhood. Guess what the first thing was that Ethan went for when he got out of the van? He ran right over and pulled the third one right out of the ground. Any idea if it's critical that these things be stuck back in the correct spot? ;) Could be worse - they could be natural gas markers.


Melissa said…
Oh my goodness! Ava is hilarious! Can't wait to see her out there on the field! I agree - red is a better colour, but she'll rock the green too! What time is the game on Tuesday? Send me an email to let me know!

Give the boys and Ava a big hug for me!
Auntie M
Anonymous said…
Hey, Jarret and I can watch the boys at your house for you next Tuesday if Jas is still on afternoon's and you need help. Let us know :) Sara
Erine said…
I love reading and looking!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Just wanted to let you know about your marked up grass... it's painted too, so you should be okay... the flags are a usually for in the winter when the snow is on the ground... maybe whoever did it thinks we're going to have more snow... yuck... works for a construction company for a while, so you'll have something happening around you soon.... the boys will love it!! I know Rylan is in love with "exkabators" (excavators) or anything construction!