day 128 - betty white rocks $

I kicked the morning off with a dance with Ethan. We danced and spun repeatedly

to Mommy's new favourite song:

Oh Train how I've missed you.

Anyway, the weather was all over the place. Would you believe it snowed?

Ava and I went shopping with Nana to get summer clothes for the kids.

We got some fantastic deals but didn't see anything quite as interesting as the game I spotted a few weekends ago while I was out. Ever wanted to see how your stomach works? I'm sure it's not half as fun as the farting game below it. ;)

Anyway, blah blah blah. The most important thing that happened today? Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live and it was absolutely brilliant. I have been looking forward to this for weeks. I love Betty White. I used to watch "Golden Girls" with my grandparents when they used to babysit my sister and I after school not to mention the fact that she captured my heart the second she dropped that f-bomb in Lake Placid. ;)

Confession time. At 11:41 I was up to my eyeballs in cashew caramel cookie dough. I watched the show as I worked but didn't get a chance to give it my undivided attention until I re-watched it at 2 am. This photo was actually taken at that time. Anyway, the show did not disappoint. God it was good.

Oh and yes - I have bunny pajamas. Zip it. ;)


Oz Girl said…
I'm cracking up here over your bunny pajamas, LOL.... I LOVE TRAIN too, luv the new song, and that pic of Ethan dancing is precious!! :)
Rochelle said…
Loved that episode of SNL too!! She was incredible!

If you haven't seen it yet, Allison Brown had me make an EJami montage to that song.