day 135 - farmers' market $

Today was fun. Ava and I went to the farmers' market with my mom and dad. We love going there. Unfortunately there is one drawback to the market:

The good thing is once you are past the livestock area it's smooth sailing from there.

Anyway, first order of business. Balloon animal. Check.

Second order of business? Buying "squeaky cheese" (cheese curds). Check.

Ava was quite the character today. Answers to everything were in code, with "hoot hoot" meaning "yes" and "ooh ooh aah aah" (monkey sound) being "no". Here she is sharing a chocolate milkshake with Grandad at lunch. Please excuse my dad's offensive hat. ;)

Ava's got a new lease on life now that she is in a booster seat. I have one too. I no longer have to drive everywhere. We can put the car seat in other people's cars and I can enjoy the ride. Grandad drove, so I tried to have a nap on the way home. It didn't work. A certain four year old kept poking me and asking me questions. Turn up the iPod. Turn down the iPod. Put on the Train song. Make a fish face.

Here's what the scenery is like when you are four years old and on top of the world in your big girl car seat (Ava took this picture, which oddly enough, is of your great aunt's house Jenn lol).

Here's one last shot for today - the boys in deep thought, watching daddy cut the grass in the backyard.


Mari said…
I love your pictures for today! The shots of Ava with your Dad are priceless, and that last one of the boys is so sweet!
Drea said…
I like your dads "offensive' hat! LOL