day 136 - haircuts $

Today was a beautiful day. The kids and I went for a drive with Nana and she treated them to haircuts followed by ice cream (thank you Nana!).

The haircuts went very well thanks to a) First Choice being empty and b) Train coming on the radio at the exact moment Owen got in the chair. In typical boy fashion, the hats came off long enough to get coiffed and then they were immediately put back on. Backwards. (Ethan left, Owen right)

Afterward we enjoyed our ice cream in Riverside Park and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Getting a picture of the boys side by side with both of them looking at the camera is not easy. This picture happened thanks to bribery. They were told I would give them each a strawberry if they posed for this picture. No go. Then I told them if they didn't pose for it, said strawberries would be fed to the dog. Bingo.