day 138 - penaten twins unite $

After a rough night last night, it was looking like today was going to be a day for everyone to rest and get better. I switched my work day from today to tomorrow so I could stay home with the kids and get Ethan on the mend with the antibiotics so the babysitter's little girls won't come down with it (which is basically whatever it is that he has that requires erythromycin plus pink eye for which he has eye drops). I was wrong. It was the day from hell.

When I got out of the shower, the kids were up. The boys had removed the child proof door knob and vaulted their gate. I turned on the tv in our room for them to watch a kids' show while I went to the computer room to send an email to the office. I was gone about three minutes. Long enough for the boys to get the penaten cream from the change table and smear it all over the duvet cover (this is about 1/4 of it).

From there we went downstairs and had breakfast. The kids were quiet and watching Dora (Owen left, Ethan right with Ava). It was the perfect time for me to slip upstairs and get a picture of the damage. I was up there about two minutes and I heard a noise. It sounded like the sliding door opening but it couldn't be because I had set the baby gate up in the track. I looked out the bedroom window and saw the three kids were in the yard in their bare feet and pajamas and the dog was loose. They knocked the gate down. Great.

The kids had a pretty nutritious lunch. Everything was going well until Ethan decided he would much rather mash the strawberries in his hair than eat them.

At naptime Ava "got carried away" (her words) and ripped the head off of ballerina Barbie. Anybody know if it's possible to fix a decapitated Barbie?

And after lights out, the boys turned their bedroom into a snow globe by destroying a pillow and pulling the stuffing out of it.

Speaking of shit my kids ruined, have you seen this web site yet? It could easily be my life.

Anyway, on a much brighter note a) we survived the day and b) night two of soccer was awesome. Ava ran like crazy, shook hands afterward and followed direction really well during the practice before the game. She did amazingly well. She's still not sure why she is getting bumped around by the other kids and nobody is sharing the ball with her. ;)

Anyway, aside from the stuffing incident, the day ended a lot better than it started. here are two more pictures from tonight. Ava and Nana playing "one, two, three GO!" tag on the walk home from soccer and a shot of me, Ava and Nana just down the street from our house. Ava and Nana were playing with their shadows . Nana was showing her how she could step further away to make herself look as tall as she was.

Anyway, that was today. A mixed bag for sure.