day 140 - a long day $

Our kids love to play dress up. Halloween costumes, princess dresses, taking off with visitors' shoes from the front door, etc. This morning was no exception.

(l-r: Ethan, Ava, Owen.)

Sure he looks cute but wait until you see the stuff they did this afternoon.

First of all the kids started the morning off with a bang at 6:45 sharp. By 9:45 they had turned our dining room table into a fashion runway.

By 12:30 the boys were trying to destroy the blinds in their room and by the time dinner rolled around they were well rested from their nap and ready to go again.

I was making homemade pizza dough at the counter. I was kneading the dough and Ethan kept sticking his finger in it so I moved to the counter on the other side of the kitchen where he couldn't get to me. Five seconds later he was quiet and I was happy to have some peace but should have known better. Two minutes later Ava very smugly told me (we've gone from non-stop tattling to her enjoying the moment first and then tattling) he had taken off with my jug of vegetable oil. I found him in the corner of the dining room with oil all over his brand new shirt saying "drink, drink".

This was a few minutes later. Ethan is swiping orange peppers off the counter while Owen is across the room. He has turned my soap opera off and is trying to pull the smart card out of the satellite receiver. If I had a nickel for every time I jumped the baby gate and ran after somebody, I'd be rich.

Anyway, it was a long and frustrating day and one thing's for sure - the garbage truck driver probably never suspected the sweet little butterfly and dragon watching him from the window this morning are such a handful.