day 143 - the broken door $

Today the boys broke the hinge on their bedroom door...again. They broke it for the first time two weeks ago and I couldn't figure out for the life of me how they did it. Now I know.

Remember the whole doggie door thing from a month ago? The boys were able to easily knock the gates down because we were putting the gate on the outside of the doorstop. I had a brainwave one day and I moved the gate to the other side of the doorstop. That way they could push the gate as much as they liked and it wouldn't go anywhere. They could also pull it and the door would be in the way on the one end.

That worked like a charm until I saw what they were doing yesterday. They were going behind the door and pushing it like they were trying to close it. There was nowhere for the gate to go, so it acted like a crow bar and the screws ripped right out of the hinge.

Here's the damage (this is Owen):

Last week I was only able to find two screws when they did it. The conversation we had at that time:

Me: "Ethan, did you swallow the screw?"
Ethan: "Yes!"
Me: "Owen, did you swallow the screw?"
Owen: "Yes!"

I later found it wedged between the bottom of the doorstop and the carpet.