day 144 - an unstoppable force $

Jason worked most of the weekend so it's just been the kids and I the past two days. Luckily he was able to reattach the boys' door in preparation for today's nap time (this is Owen).

Let's recap, shall we:

1. The boys can easily remove the childproof knobs on their bedroom door.
2. Gate mounted on the outside of the doorstop = jail break.
3. Gate mounted on the inside of the doorstop = broken door.

Here are the boys two minutes after I reattached the safety knob on the back of their door (that's Owen in the front).

Now they are just mocking me.

The day certainly had its moments. By the end of the day, I had had it. Shortly before 7:30, we got to the last straw. Owen climbed up on a chest and ripped one of the black picture shelves off the wall, smashing the glass in one of the frames.

Anyway, it was a long day. Here's one more random shot from earlier in the day. This morning the kids and I went for a walk to pick up some milk. We sat and enjoyed the shade at the cenotaph and the boys enjoyed spotting all of the trucks that went by.

While we were walking back, I passed a nice elderly man walking his dog. He stopped and watched us walk past and said "no holiday for you today, huh"? Preach it brother.