day 145 - pool party $

Today was a good day. Soccer went well

and thanks to the Ava McDougall Fan Club, the boys were able to run wild and free with lots of people present to chase after them.

The field was a mess of dandelions that have gone to seed. Ethan and Owen were running up and down a hill off to the side of the school yard. It was straight out of Little House on the Prairie (see 0:35 of the clip). ;)

After the game, Ava was invited to go for a swim. It's nice to have connections on the blue team (thanks guys!). :)

The picture below is my favourite picture for today and it was taken by our neighbour down the street. Thanks Paige!!! Everything about it is perfect and you did a fantastic job.

One last picture for today. These legs haven't seen the sun in many, many years, so I went out at lunch in search of some new shorts.

If there's one trait I have gotten from my dad, it's the ability to spot a spelling mistake from a mile away (please god don't let there be a typo in this post). After paying for my purchase I saw this gem on the way out of the store:

Way to go Old Navy. Guleph huh? FAIL.


Mari said…
Great pics again. I love that Ava shot too!
I'm with you on the spelling thing. I can always spot them too. The problem is, I don't type as well as I spell, so I still screw up!