day 146 - the great toothpaste disaster $

Today was storytime and my first time taking the boys to the library by myself. While they didn't destroy anything, they didn't listen to a word I said and I was clearly outnumbered. They wandered around instead of sitting and listening and at one point Owen ended up with rug burn on his cheek from running and falling on his face.

Here's one of the books Ethan picked out. If I had to pick a favourite book from my childhood, this would be it. I loved it as a child and I love reading it to the kids (we have the smaller board book version).

(This is Owen.)

Nap time was a disaster. The boys were in their room "napping". I heard a noise and could have sworn one of them was in the bathroom. I was busy at the time, so I asked Ava to take a quick look and see if the boys were in their room. She looked and said they were. What I didn't know was they had gotten into the bathroom (Ava had left the door open), swiped the toothpaste and climbed back over the baby gate into their room. I didn't notice that until I cleaned their room after their "nap" and found it all over their bedspread and the banister at the top of the stairs.

Ava: "Mommy! Is that blood?"
Me: "No, that would be Hannah Montana toothpaste."

This is about a quarter of the mess.