day 150 - goodbye green, hello blue $

Two and a half years ago I painted the largest of our spare rooms lime green. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a hot September day and even though I was only four months pregnant, none of my fat clothes fit so I had to paint the room in my underwear. This room would end up being the boys' room and the colour was meant to be neutral and good for boy or girl twins. The colour was absolutely hideous and my choice of that colour can only be attributed to "pregnancy brain". It was awful and I have hated it every day since I painted it.

Today I repainted the boys' room two shades of blue based on an idea I found in a paint pamphlet. The top 18" is a light shade of blue and everything else is a darker blue. I used the Behr Ultra paint which is a primer and paint all in one on the advice of my parents. It was fantastic.

However, with that being said, there was a lot of swearing around three in the afternoon when three strokes into the darker shade, "Laguna Blue" looked a whole lot like "Laguna Purple". Luckily it dried blue and I think it looks pretty fantastic.


Amanda Pfeifer said…
I too, have hideous green on my baby room walls...