day 154 - matching pedicures $

We were off to Walmart today to find a replacement Handy Manny DVD. The iPod was dead from Ava playing games on it, so I couldn't take it in the car. It's funny - my kids don't understand how the radio works. They are so used to the iPod and being able to fire out requests all the time, so when the iPod isn't around and we are at the mercy of what's being played on the radio, everybody pays for it. Case in point the picture below. Ethan finds out we are Gaga and Pea-less:

Other than that, it was the usual joys of grocery shopping with three young children. Owen got a hold of the bologna in cart #1:

And Ethan got a hold of the butter in cart #2:

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful day. Ava and I ended the day with matching pedicures. Inspired by Auntie M, we both have pink toenails with white polka dots. I took this picture while our toes were drying. Ava was watching "The Princess and the Frog" on the iPod and I was cruising Lamebook on the laptop.