day 156 - hide & seek $

It was walk of shame time today. We went to the library to square up. It's funny - what was supposed to be a punishment, turned into a sweet deal for Owen. He got to leave the house while Ethan went for a nap and Ava went to her room for quiet time. He got to visit with Nana and play with the automatic door at the library. Then he got to check out the DVD he just replaced and take it back home with him. Not much of a punishment, but he did tell Nana he was sorry he broke the DVD and gave her a hug so I think the point was made.

Then there's my little Ethan. I didn't realize it until today, but he is becoming quite a mama's boy and yes - there was an incident today which made me realize it. I took the kids for a walk with my mom and stopped to talk to one of our neighbours. The boys started to get restless and wanted to get going so they started to cry and act up after a few minutes. The neighbour teased the boys and told them okay, let's go. I'll push your stroller. They were NOT impressed. They started crying and yelling "Mommy push!!! Mommy push!!!". The neighbour said that's okay he was joking and asked them all for high fives. Owen went first with a big high five. Ava's all wired and hell yeah - high five! Ethan reached out his hand, grabbed the neighbour's hand and bit him. He looked at poor Roy and said "Mommy push".

I was mortified and of course very apologetic.

From there we went on a walk to the cenotaph to sit and have a rest. Have you seen the new statues at the cenotaph? They are cool. Oh and as an aside, if you are ever in the cenotaph and have a child dying to go pee, there's a very small staff washroom at Village Variety. Oddly enough I always assumed that little wooden door led to a secret area with movies of questionable content. Not the case. You really do learn something new every day.

While we were at the cenotaph, Ava and Nana played hide and seek. It was awesome and the perfect place for it. I have fond memories of the cenotaph. There used to be a drinking water fountain and my sister and I would race to it to get a drink. This was of course back in the days where the worst you could get from a fountain was the dreaded "cooties".

It was one of those moments that I will never forget - seeing my mom hiding behind garbage cans and trees and hearing Ava counting followed by her high pitch laugh every time Nana found her or she found Nana. It was a great time. But then it started to look like rain, so we packed up Owen and Elton and went home.