day 157 - i scream you scream $

This afternoon Ava and I went grocery shopping with Nana while all three boys were sleeping (midnight shift begins tonight). We ended up making a quick stop at Dairy Queen and Nana treated us to treats (thank you Nana).

I'm more of a slushie person myself. :)

Ava took this picture of me. This is my "please God don't drop my camera" look.

The best part of watching Ava eat ice cream is watching the sugar kick in. ;)

Spending a nice afternoon together is kind of nice too. :)

When we got home, the boys helped me shuck some corn on the cob. They quickly lost interest when they found out it had to be cooked

and I was abandoned the second the tools came out and there was supervising to be done.

So you know, all in all it was a pretty good day. It was one of those days where I could sit back and genuinely enjoy somebody else's misfortune. I mean as much as my kids are crazy, THANK GOD they haven't done this. Yet.