day 158 - boot camp $

Damn you Pioneer Woman and your blasted cinnamon rolls. I made them late Sunday and have eaten six of them in a 24-hour period.

Ava: "Mommy I can't eat all of this before bed or I'll be sick."
Me: "That's okay. I'll eat it."

And that is why I am up 2 lbs and it's boot camp tonight. Here's mom and I before our power walk tonight.

On an unrelated note have you seen the new Photojojo shoot through camera bag? Although I think this is a brilliant concept in theory, can you imagine how dumb I would look holding one of these up to my face? Okay, correction - can you imagine how much dumber I would look with one of these held up to my face? After all, I have only recently come to terms with accessorizing my camera with tupperware. Speaking of lightspheres, I high recommend them. Not wild about forking out $70 for one? You can make your own.