day 160 - peace & quiet $

The past six Wednesday mornings from 11-11:30 I have had a date with wireless at the library while Ava is in story hour. From 10-10:30 we/I (depending on the shift) chase the boys around the library for their story hour. Then either Jason or my mom watch the boys while I take Ava to the library for hers. For thirty glorious minutes, I am able to sit in one spot, sipping my tea and cruising the internet on my iPod with the library's wireless. It's heaven.

Unfortunately today was the last day of story hour. :(

Here's the only other picture I took today. Last night Ava picked wildflowers with the kids down the street after soccer. Here they are on the shelf in her room up high where the boys can't get them.

Tonight was also the last night of my "Total Body Conditioning" exercise class. Our instructor has challenged us and it has been far from easy. It's had entertaining moments though. The instructor is the only man in the class. He uses 10 lb weights while the rest of the class uses anywhere from 2-5 lbs weights. The music consists of fast dance remixes of current hits but somewhere buried in the middle of one of the mixes, this gem is hidden in the mix and I have a hard time keeping a straight face when it comes on.