day 165 - the terrible twos times two $

I don't even know what to say about today. We are clearly outnumbered and on Wednesday Jason switches to afternoons. I am tired of always being two steps behind the kids and I need a break. All I know is they better be good the rest of the week so Nana doesn't get scared away from babysitting Saturday. The boys will look pretty funny in a double snuggly hanging off of me while I shoot a wedding.

Anyway, onto today. While inside out bacon cheeseburgers were cooking on the barbecue, three children - two of them only wearing a diaper (the boys are going through a naked phase) busted out the sliding door and into the backyard. Three minutes later Ethan was running for the front yard and I was running through the house and out the front door to get a jump on him. The other one was unreeling the garden hose and dragging it halfway to the back fence going to water the new tree.

At bedtime the ritual is always the same. I tell the kids it's storytime and we head up the stairs. You never know what you're going to find on the stairs that wasn't there three minutes ago. You also don't know how slow the last person going up the stairs is going to be moving. On this particular trip, Owen took off up the stairs. Ava went up second, chatting away and cutting off those bringing up the rear as usual. By the time Ethan hit the landing halfway up the stairs, I noticed Ava had left some markers lying on the stairs and Owen was running into the boys room with one in his hand.

By the time I got there, there was a long stripe on the carpet and a big swirl on the wall.

After I took this picture I set my camera down so I could scrub the wall. As if they weren't in enough trouble already, Ethan starts taking pictures with my camera which was a foot away from me on their bed.

245 sleeps until the end of the terrible twos.


Amanda said…
is it a bad time to mention that I have heard that 3's is worse? ;)