day 166 - stealth mode $

When Ava was a toddler, she woke up every morning screaming and crying her head off. Not the boys. In the morning they go into stealth mode. They climb over the baby gate outside their room and see what they can get into. They are super quiet and it is very hard to hear them and some days they get up very early.

Anyway. Every morning when I wake up, I do a head count to make sure three little kids are still in their beds. One sleeping horizontally across the bed...check. Another hand hanging near the edge of the other end of the bed...check. Ava's in bed...check. Once everyone is accounted for, I start to get ready for work.

While blow drying my hair this morning, Owen came running in with the same marker he had last night. He had found Ava's hiding spot and found not only one marker - he found the whole set.

I discovered several large swirls in two different colours on the same wall in his room and all over the babygate. As I looked on in shock, Ava came up behind me.

Ava: “Whoa. You need to throw those markers in the garbage.”

It continued to be a zoo from there. Owen took part of our laundry hamper apart, running around with one of the tubes yelling "Hockey! Hockey!" and changed the channel to the Home Shopping Channel.

Then Ethan came busting in dragging the queen sized comforter from his bed. See - case in point of why the house is never organized and tidy.

Now I have never been a drinker. I’ve never done drugs. When I get stressed, I eat. Bad stuff. And since my children were the source of my stress today, they are fully responsible for the following purchases:

$2.62 for the blueberry fritter and extra large tea I had on the way to work:

$2.40 for the medium McDonald’s fries to go with my homemade burger at lunch, and $2.98 for this:

(I don't have to specifically mention that I didn't eat the magic eraser, do I?)

Then after a day at work, we were off to soccer. And it was picture night. I really wish I would have remembered that BEFORE we got there. Thanks to my parents staying to watch, I was able to race home and get money and a hairbrush.

I love this picture. It was taken after the game. Here's Ava and her little friend L sitting in the sandbox waiting for their team to be called for pictures. This is a special picture because Ava and L are going to be in the same class in the fall and L's mom and I have been friends since grade six so we are thrilled that they too are hitting it off. :)

And one more picture for the day. Although the boys were crazy today, Ava was really good. And good girls get treats. Cool ones.


Anonymous said…
I remember the steath mode that is how my house used to get trashed.

Good luck.

The boys room looks great all painted up.