day 168 - fred and ginger $

A couple of weeks ago, Jason and my brother-in-law fixed the kids' beds. As a result of Ava's broken bed slat from a month or so ago, the beds have now been reinforced with plywood.

Anyway, today at "nap time" I heard a noise from downstairs and I immediately knew what the boys were doing. I went upstairs to find that not only had they stripped the sheets, the two of them had lifted the mattress right out of the bed. Fred and Ginger were tap dancing on the sheet of plywood.

This is Ginger (Owen).

The other thing that happened today that I missed capturing on camera? I went outside to water my hanging baskets and Ava locked me out of the house and wouldn't let me back inside. Thank god for garage doors with key pads and thank god I am working tomorrow.