day 170 - chris & dana $

Today my best friend's brother got married and it was an absolutely beautiful day.

I'm guessing I have done about twenty weddings over the past 7 years. They can be fun, but it's a long day and it can be stressful. I've seen a lot of interesting things and in the case of one wedding, downright crazy things. But the wedding that dad and I did today was one of the nicest I have ever been to and I was lucky enough to be invited as not only a photographer, but also as a guest.

There were so many opportunities for great pictures and the bride was so relaxed and well organized that we even had some time to have some fun.

My tip for the day? Listen to the wedding party. I was taking a picture of one of the bridesmaids putting her earrings on in the mirror and I was laughing because I was getting the reflection of one of Chris' deer heads hanging on the wall in the other room. One of the bride's sisters suggested we do "antler shots".

Maybe I'm biased as I am on a first name basis with this deer after borrowing him for a work photoshoot (he didn't fit so well and ended up staring out the back window of my truck the whole way there and back), but I think this one is hilarious.

Congratulations Chris & Dana!


Anonymous said…
Great Pictures Jen! The first one is amazing :) Sara
Anonymous said…
Jen -- Thank you so much for your very kind words and beautiful pictures! We were so glad you and your dad were available for our wedding and can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! Dana