day 171 - father's day $

Have you ever walked down the card aisle and found the perfect card? I did yesterday. Check the Father's Day card we got for Jason's dad:

Did I mention that the boys are exactly like Jason was as a toddler? In the spirit of what goes around comes around, it's safe to assume that both of my boys will eventually have triplets. Lots of wishing from me is only going to compound those chances.

Here is a picture of the kids with daddy:

It was a busy day today with a couple of places we had to go. First was Grandma & Grandpa's house where Ava got to see baby birds in one of the birdhouses (thanks to Jason R and Lucas for getting them to open their mouths to make a much more interesting picture)

and Owen and Ethan got to try pop for the first time. Both boys made some faces, with Ethan settling on yuck (definitely more of me in him) and Owen repeatedly going back for more (takes after his dad). I don't let the kids have pop so this was definitely a treat for them. This is Owen.

Then we were off to my parents' house.

Anybody who knows my dad knows he is a Nascar fan. Then if you really know him, you know his immense dislike for Dale Earnhardt (#3 - the deceased one) and that he cheers for Jeff Gordon (#24). And then if you know me, you know that it is my life's mission to buy him all of the Dale Earnhardt merchandise I can find. Christmas ornaments, salt and pepper shakers, calendars, you name it.

So as a very special gift from me, he had his very own Dale Earnhardt cupcake while the rest of us had Jeff Gordon ones. Yes they are totally bush league (no pun intended) and Cake Wreck caliber, but I've never claimed to be a cake decorator.

Anyway, from there the afternoon went to hell in a hand basket. No naps = all hell breaking loose. Did you know that Woody's makes a 99 calorie cooler? I think I burned 100 calories each time I chased one of the boys through the yard and brought them back after they ran toward the street. So in theory I should have been able to drink an entire case of them without gaining a pound (forgetting the fact that it would only take three of these to knock me on my ass). The problem was I didn't even get to finish one because the boys wouldn't knock it off.

After two dinners were thrown on the grass (both being Ethan's) and both Jason and I running after them one too many times, the boys were taken home.

I stayed behind for to do some yearly Father's Day pictures. There's a nice one of my dad and I but I have big dark circles under my eyes and I look kind of haggard looking. As a result, this is one of the nicest ones of me. Kinda gives you an idea of how bad that other one must be, doesn't it? ;)