day 172 - new teapot $

I am a clutz. I always have been and it was even worse when I was pregnant. Every time I go out for a walk I take the same route and every single time I trip in the same spot right in front of the funeral home where the sidewalk is uneven.

About a month ago I broke my spoon rest in half and I smashed the handle off my teapot. I've been pouring my tea pot with pot holders ever since as I haven't had time to go out and find a new one.

Today my mom bought me a new one and I love it. Thanks, Mom. :)

Other than that, lots of stuff happened. The boys fed the dog three times the food she usually gets then then ate some of it themselves. Most kids would spit it out immediately. Mine chose to chew it up until it got nice and mushy and spit it all over my clean floor. I caught them as they went back for seconds.

A nice cup of tea out of my teapot would have been really nice tonight if I were able to keep my eyes open. Maybe tomorrow.

238 sleeps until the end of the terrible twos.