day 173 - timbit soccer $

Soccer night is always an exciting night for Ava. She has waited a very long six sleeps for it and is dying to see her friend L. It's also a night where the parents get a good laugh because it's very entertaining. Tonight did not disappoint. It was a total gong show.

Ava got to play goal. She was right into it

but I don't think goal-tending is in her future.

After that, one of the girls on her team had a rest in the net

then she did somersaults across the field. Ava and L took a break from "ring around the coach" to take a little stroll while a random yellow team member was injured and a random blue team member from the other game took a rest. The game rolled on and my dad laughed so hard he almost fell out of his lawn chair.

Then we ended up at Tim Horton's AGAIN. Damn you Tim Horton's and your in-your-face logo trotting by me on the field everywhere I look.

The most exciting thing that happened today? One of my children actually LEARNED something from me! Ava wanted to take this picture of all of her dolls lined up for my blog. I got my camera for her and as she composed her shot she noticed her shadow being cast across the dolls. She moved to the side until it wasn't anymore and said she needed more sunshine. Colour me very impressed.


Darla said…
my daughter used to line hers up and photograph them too, she is now a wonderful photographer, and i had no idea she was gonna be. these are the signs :)