day 174 - monsters inc $

So apparently there was an earthquake here today. My mom felt it a couple of blocks away while she was at work, my dad felt it sitting in the Tim Hortons drive thru and I didn't feel a thing. I was sitting on my couch, folding laundry and quietly catching up on General Hospital while the boys were sleeping. Maybe our house is better built than I thought. Or maybe my body felt it and quickly disregarded it because it wasn't followed by a scream or crying. Whatever the case, I didn't notice a thing.

Today was a boring day filled with grocery shopping and spaghetti sauce making. God bless the library because watching a movie with the kids is the only way I can keep them from causing trouble. Tonight we watched Monsters Inc. which none of us had seen before. Ava only made it halfway through and then chickened out. The boys and I watched the whole thing and it was fantastic.

Yeah. A pretty boring day.