day 176 - the end of the week $

I am not a gambler but last night I dreamed I won the lottery. $14 million to be exact. Oddly enough, today's Lotto Max is apparently huge. Something like one winner wins $50 million and 50 other winners win $1 million each. Foreshadowing? Possibly, so I made sure I bought a ticket this morning on the way to work.

Seriously though - $6 for a basic ticket with encore? Unbelievable.

The only other picture I took today - the kids waving to the babysitter as she left tonight. We are so lucky. She has the patience of a saint. The three of them drive me around the bend and she watches them as well as her two kids. I love it that the tip of Ava's little pony tail is visible. I didn't do that ponytail. When I left for work this morning, she had crazy bedhead going on. Vicki did Ava's ponytail today as she does every day she is at our house and it is greatly appreciated.

And that was about it. I closed out the day letting Ava stay up late so we could snuggle on the couch. We watched America's Got Talent that I taped earlier in the week. I can still hear her high pitched little laugh as we watched Fafo.

I know, I know. You threw up a bit in your mouth and may never sleep again. You're welcome.